Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ICIL visits Petrobras

On the fifth and final day of the ICIL 2010 conference the schedule was for an excursion to Transpetro's pipeline hub and routing station close to Rio de Janeiro. Transpetro is the logistical arm and fully-owned subsidiary of Petrobras, the formerly state-owned main oil company of Brasil, and they works foremost with the transportation and storage activities around oil and its byproducts, ethanol, biofuels and natural gas.

The excursion included a Q&A with the company's operational management, a tour of the plant's control center and finally a guided car trip around the plant's storage and routing fields. As an added bonus, a visit to CTDUT - the pipeline technology center testing facility and laboratory located on the premises. CTDUT upkeeps test loops for education and development of pig technology (pigs of course being the pipeline inspection gauge machines that travel inside a pipeline to assess the condition of the pipe's structure).

On the whole, and interesting field day by ICIL and Transpetro.

Mikael Ehrs

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