Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ICIL 2010 Rio de Janeiro: Day Three

Day three started with ICIIL officer elections and was followed by presentations. Here's some picks from the conference:

  • Thomas Makuschewitz presented A MIP for the integrated production and transportation scheduling of an OEM. This system takes network level for scheduling/sequencing by providing visibility for OEMs. The approach can be applied in situations when changes occur in resource availability and due dates.
  • Spens and Kovacs raised a very topic question "Back to basics: Is logistics again about cutting costs?"
  • Aragao et al's paper presented a case study from Aracruz Celulose – "Standard-hour" as logistics performance evaluation basic for trucks
  • Kekäle, Spens and Phusavat's study on hospital inventory management practices – "Understanding the human factor: The key to process improvement in service operations"

We also agreed today that the ICIIL proceedings papers will become publicly available at the ICIIL web site in near future.