Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ICIL 2010 Rio de Janeiro – 2010-03-09 Second day

Second day of the conference included many interesting presentations. The general presentation was given by Prof. Antonio Galvao Novaes on "Dynamic problems in logistics". Prof. Novaes gave many examples how dynamic perspective on logistics can yield better results, from multi-national companies to local warehousing and transport operations.

Other interesting highlights included:

  • Iara Tammela's presentation on international comparison of furniture industries and how time-based competition affects them.
  • Manos Tentzeris' presentation on near future inkjet-printed RFID's on paper and its potential logistics applications. According to him we are going to see commercial applications by large companies such as Toyota and Microsoft very soon.
  • Raul Pino presented a new software application for multimodality and container filling in 3D

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