Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ICIL 2010 Rio de Janeiro – 2010-03-08 First day

ICIL conference is currently running in Rio de Janeiro. The conference is hosted by IME military institute in very nice location with sea view towards Sugarloaf Mountain. Around 40 papers from 15 countries are included in proceedings. The conference remains rather small this year, but the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Logistics modeling in its various topics, including algorithms, optimization, simulation and software development seem to be a strong driving force, albeit the proceedings book includes also case studies and more conceptual papers.

On the first day, the conference was officially opened by Head of IME, General Amir and the local Conference chair Cristina Sinay. We heard a general conference presentation by Prof. Khairy AH Kobbacy – "Trends in using artificial intelligence in logistics", which covered use of AI techniques in various logistics related applications.

After the first session of presentations, the group had nice time enjoying Welcome Cocktails at IME.

BR, Petri

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