Monday, January 18, 2010

Logistics Performance Indicator 2010 released

Just receive an email from Prof. Lauri Ojala of Turku School of Economics (and LPI 2010 team). "The World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2010 was released by Mr. Robert B Zoellick, President of The World Bank, on Friday, January 15, 2010. LPI 2010 assesses the Trade Logistics performance of 155 countries. The 50-page report and the data is now available at:"

So how does the logistics world look like? Current TOP 10 countries are according to this list:

  1. Germany 4.11
  2. Singapore 4.09
  3. Sweden 4.08
  4. Netherlands 4.07
  5. Luxembourg 3.98
  6. Switzerland 3.97
  7. Japan 3.97
  8. UK 3.95
  9. Belgium 3.94
  10. Norway 3.86

The last country on the list is #155 Somalia. The rest of the details can be found in the report here (PDF).

BR, Petri

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