Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Website tip: AXS-Alphaliner TOP 100 site reports TEU capacity available on board operated ships

While conducting a small study on world shipping market trends and with a really helpful tip from Prof. Hilmola of LUT, found this very interesting website reporting TEU capacity available on board operated ships. According to AXS-Alphaliner today, there are 5,922 ships active on liner trades, for 13,630,134 TEU and 181,194,689 TDW, Including 4,714 fully cellular ships for 13,028,193 TEU, the total existing cellular fleet (all sizes / all positions) stands at 4,726 ships for 13,040,788 TEU. The page also shows a nice graphical presentation of TOP 100 companies.

This information provided by AXS, demonstrates interestingly global freight market developments and could be interesting information for anyway studying this field and especially stock analysts to see whether the trend has already changed. The page is updated frequently.

BR, Petri


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