Friday, December 18, 2009

Project info: Net-Challenge arranges SMEs to compete with large enterprises

Net-Challenge develops methods and tools for SMEs to collaborate through the Internet. The solution is an enterprise version of FaceBook or Twitter. The companies can build common communities to share knowledge based on mutual trust and collaborate to create new solutions. While developing solutions the companies can share risks and join efforts to reach the market demand fast enough.

Companies participating the community will form ad hoc networks to fulfill a specific customer demand especially in low-volume and complex-product environment. The ac hoc networks are established to a certain market niche where the total market for large enterprises is not enough. Any company can act as leader in ad hoc network and there is no hierarchy between the companies. The fast deciders and group-players are those who make success and best profits. The solution is utilising latest collaboration solutions and build the methodology and the Internet-based collaboration tools based on ordinary email-clients or Google Wave platform. The existing data from legacy systems like ERPs is modified to be exchanged with trusted partners.

EU with their found NMP is supporting four different projects around the topic and the results are available during 2010-2011. The pilot companies are among textile industry in Portugal, footwear in Italy and machine tools in Spain.

Net-Challenge project web pages

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