Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two new books on Food Supply Chain Management

Hi! Forwarding a note on new books on food supply chain managmenet from Wageningen Academic Publishers.

BR, Petri

Logistics outsourcing in the food processing industry
A study in the Netherlands and Taiwan

2009 – 128 pages – paperback – ISBN-13: 978-90-8686-111-8 – € 34 – US$ 51
Hsin-I Hsiao

During the last decade, logistics outsourcing is growing in importance worldwide. Meanwhile, many different kinds of logistics services are also introduced in the outsourcing market. However, up to now, there are no guidelines for the food processing industry to identify which logistics activities should be outsourced to which type of logistic service provider (LSP). By combining managerial and economic theory, this book builds an integrated research framework to demonstrate decisive factors for outsourcing different kinds of logistics activities and their effect on logistics performance. Using empirical evidences from the food processing industry in Taiwan and the Netherlands, this study shows that: - outsourcing decisions of different levels of logistics activities have different determining factors. - total outsourcing (i.e. having the LSP orchestrate the whole logistics process) results in higher logistics service performances in terms of lead-time, reliability, and flexibility. - currently the Netherlands have higher percentages of outsourcing of transportation and transportation management than Taiwan. In the future, Taiwan will probably outsource value added activities and logistics orchestration activities more than the Netherlands. This book is recommended for a broad audience of professionals and practitioners who concern themselves with the design, planning and management of logistics in international food supply chains.

For table of contents see: www.WageningenAcademic.com/icn-08

Supply chain integration, quality management and firm performance of pork processing industry in China
2009 – 240 pages – paperback – ISBN-13: 978-90-8686-110-1 – € 38 – US$ 57
Jiqin Han

Food quality incidents have made societal concerns on food safety grow worldwide. In the developed world, academics and practitioners explore food quality using a supply chain perspective. In transitional economies, such as China, this perspective is largely unexplored. This book addresses food quality and firm performance improvements through supply chain integration and quality management in China's pork processing industry. Data were collected from Chinese pork processing firms. This book shows the relationship between quality management practices and firm performance. Factors that influence firm performance include in-company quality management, supplier/customer quality management, employee involvement and integrated governance mechanisms. This book is a valuable resource for practitioners of meat processing enterprises, as well as academic researchers with an interest in the areas of agri-food supply chain governance, quality management and firm performance in transitional economies.

For table of contents see: www.WageningenAcademic.com/icn-07

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