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Call for Papers: Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (OSCM). Special Issue: "Case Studies in Supply Chain Management"

Call for Papers: Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (OSCM)

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Special Issue: "Case Studies in Supply Chain Management"

Aims and Objectives

For more than a decade issues regarding technology, security, globalization, and competition have transformed supply chains and the methods firms use to manage their supply chain trading relationships. Recent developments for example in radio frequency identification, Asian manufacturing, global financial markets, threats of terrorism, and the price of fuel have potentially impacted supply chain design and management issues. Consequently, these changes should be impacting pedagogical treatments of these topics.

The objective of this special issue is to collect case studies and teaching cases in the field of supply chain management for use in the classroom. As the many practices within supply chain management change, so too must the coverage of supply chain management within colleges and universities change. Ideally, papers in this issue should expose students to current supply chain management problems and practices, and place students in a manager's position, enabling them to consider alternative solutions and make appropriate recommendations.

Subject Coverage

Of interest in this call for papers are case studies or teaching cases of real companies involved in designing or managing their supply chains. Alternately, cases can be fictional while containing real problems and practices useful for classroom discussions. Real company cases though, will receive priority. Topics within this subject area include but are not limited to:

  • Use of the Internet in managing supply chain relationships;
  • Building customer and/or supplier relationships;
  • Integrating processes among global trading partners;
  • Free trade agreements and supply chain management;
  • The greening of supply chains;
  • Supply chain risk and security management;
  • Supply chain management in developing economies;
  • Small business supply chain management.

Review Process

Each paper submitted to this special issue is subject to the following review procedures: 1) it is reviewed by the editor for suitability in OSCM; 2) if suitable, two reviewers are selected and a double-blind review process takes place; 3) based on recommendations of the reviewers, the editor then decides whether the case study should be accepted as is, revised, or rejected. All teaching cases must be accompanied by a teaching note. Permission authorization must also accompany real cases if field research is used. Only unpublished manuscripts will be accepted for review. The deadline for submission of papers is March 31, 2009. Authors will be notified of the review results no later than May 31, and final manuscripts will then be due by August 15, 2009.

Each submission should be emailed as an attached Word document to:

Dr. Joel D. Wisner, Special Issue Editor of OSCM

University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Department of Management
College of Business; Las Vegas, NV; USA 89154-6009

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