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Organizational Systems and Technology Track

Forty Third Annual


January 5-8, 2010

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa,
Kauai, Hawai'i

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Description: This half-day mini-track addresses issues organizations face as they implement and use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and other RF technologies.  Due to adoption mandates by several major buyers and retailers, many companies are now engaged in implementing pilot projects on RFID to understand the potential and business case for this emerging technology.  RFID dramatically increases the potential for organizations to collect data about any tagable entity, which has implications for supply chain management, human resources management, customer relationship management, and privacy/intellectual property management.  We encourage authors to share new and interesting theoretical and methodological perspectives on topics relevant to both academic researchers and practitioners.  We welcome work-in-progress that examines existing and extended theory using RFID as the technology of focus and case studies of organizations implementing RFID inside and outside their span of control.  In order to lay a foundation for future research regarding this emerging technology, we invite participation from senior public and private policymakers, as well as executives whose organizations play a defining role in promoting RFID within their industries.  We give special consideration to research submissions when the author(s) commit to include an industry partner in their presentation.  We welcome research that reflects a range of current research methods including case studies, analytical models, econometrics, and frameworks.   

Topics. The following areas are suggestive of the range of topics that are considered suitable:  

         Detailed case studies of RFID implementation and usage

         Methods for developing the business case for RFID adoption

         Methods and benefits of managing the voluminous data collected with RFID

         Impact of RFID on employees and related work processes

         Aligning interorganizational governance, incentives, and ownership

         Understanding the technical capabilities and limitations of RFID

         Forecasting the technical evolution of RFID and its relationship to the economics of usage

         Technical integration of RFID with other applications

         Understanding the role of standards for the proliferation and use of RFID

         Estimating the business value of the technology internally and across company boundaries

         Costs and risks associated with becoming dependent on the technology

         The role of standards development organizations (SDOs) on RFID technology development

         Safeguarding personal privacy and physical health

**** Accepted papers that are of high quality will be invited to submit their revised manuscripts for possible fast-track status in the International Journal of RF Technologies:  Research and Applications.  ****

 Mini-Track Chairs' Contact Information

 Fred Riggins (primary contact)
Information Systems Department

W.P. Carey School of Business

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ  85287-3406

Tel: (480) 965-3252 

Fax:  (480) 727-0881 

Bill Hardgrave

Information Systems Department

Walton College of Business 
University of Arkansas 
Fayetteville, AR  72701 
Tel: (479) 575-6099 

Fax:  (479) 575-4168 


 March 31, 2009          Authors may contact Minitrack Chairs for guidance and indication of appropriate content.  (Optional)

June 15, 2009             Authors submit full manuscripts through the HICSS Review System following format and submission instructions on the HICSS web site.

 August 15, 2009          Authors receive notification regarding paper acceptances through the Review System.

September 15, 2009    Authors submit final version of paper following Author Instructions on the HICSS web site.  At least one author of each paper must register by this date to attend the conference to present the paper.  

December 1, 2009      Deadline to guarantee your hotel room reservation at the conference rate.

         HICSS papers must contain original material not previously published, or currently submitted elsewhere.

         Consult the conference website for the listing and description of Minitracks for HICSS-43.

         Contact the Minitrack Chair(s) by email for guidance and verification of appropriate content.

         If unsure of which Minitrack is appropriate, submit abstract to the Track Chair for guidance. 

         Submit your full paper according to the detailed formatting and submission instructions found on the HICSS website to the reviewing website.  Note:  All papers will be submitted in double column publication format and limited to 10 pages including diagrams and references.

         Collaboration Systems – Co-Chairs: Robert Briggs;;   Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.; E-mail:

         Decision Technologies and Service Sciences – Chair: Daniel R. Dolk; E-mail:

         Digital Media: Content and Communication – Chair: Michael Shepherd; E-mail:    

         E-Government – Chair: Jochen Scholl, E-mail:                   

         Electronic Power Systems and Restructuring – Chair: Robert Thomas, E-mail:                    

         Information Technology in Health Care – Chair: William Chismar; E-mail:

         Internet & the Digital Economy – Co-Chairs: David R. King; E-mail:;
Alan R. Dennis; E-mail:

         Knowledge Management Systems – Co-Chairs: Murray Jennex; E-mail: or; Dave Croasdell; E-mail:

         Organizational Systems and Technology – Chair: Hugh A. Watson; Email:

         Software Technology – Co-Chairs: Gul Agha; E-mail:; Rick Kazman; E-mail:

HICSS conferences are devoted to advances in the information, computer, and system sciences, and encompass developments in both theory and practice.   Invited papers may be theoretical, conceptual, tutorial or descriptive in nature.  Submissions undergo a peer referee process and those selected for presentation will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Submissions must not have been previously published.

For the latest information visit the HICSS web site at


Ralph Sprague, Conference Chair; Email:

Sandra Laney, Conference Administrator; Email: 

Rajib Subba, Track Administrator; Email:


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