Monday, January 05, 2009

Future transportation

Firstly, Happy new year 2009 to everybody!

Year 2008 included several big changes in global trade and transportation (here's a nice summary by Traffic World).

The automotive industry has big challenges this year to survive. Business magazines expect bankcrupties and even more mergers and acquisitions despite centralisation already taking place. The industry clearly needs some new innovations as well the whole transporation business. Airlines are not doing too well (link) and also sea transportation of containers has crashed (link) (link).

Here's some interesting concepts from today and past:

(0) Flying car by Moller
(1) Mulideck cruising bus (1930's)
(2) Train with jet-engine (Soviet Union)
(3) Roadless trucking on the skies
(4) Point-to-point trainwagon
(5) EKIP - new type of flying vehicle (Russia)
(6) Enertia - electric motorcycle (US)
(7) Private spaceflights - Virgin Galactic (US) and SpaceAdventures (Russia) C-12
(8) Sail assisted tankers

The infrastructure part probably needs some improments as well. Here's a list of world's worst intersections. So as we can see there is always room for transportation innovation :-)

BR, Petri

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