Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Publish or perish

As we all working in academia know, publishing research results is becoming increasingly important. 21st Century Professor needs to write papers in order to get research money and tenure positions. "Academic Google fight" can be done by typing in the names of faculty in Google Scholar search and then compare the results. Now there is a more analytic tool available for this.

Anne-Will Harzing's web site provides a software package called "Publish or perish". This piece of software collects data from Google Scholar and calculates several interesting result including h-index, and g-index to benchmark the researchers:
Hirsch's h-index
Proposed by J.E. Hirsch in his paper An index to quantify an individual's scientific research output, arXiv:physics/0508025 v5 29 Sep 2005. It aims to provide a robust single-number metric of an academic's impact, combining quality with quantity.

Egghe's g-index
Proposed by Leo Egghe in his paper Theory and practice of the g-index, Scientometrics, Vol. 69, No 1 (2006), pp. 131-152. It aims to improve on the h-index by giving more weight to highly-cited articles.

Jay Forrester (the man behind bullwhip effect) ranks with 104 papers and 5818 citations h-index of 20 and g-index of 70. If you want to see you your papers are doing or make some discussion on the faculty coffee room, you can download this Windows software from Harzing's web page.
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