Saturday, May 31, 2008

Modelling traffic systems by simulating

While surffing on the web I found an interesting site on traffic modelling. Dr. Martin Treiber of Technical University of Dresden has designed a Java applet based traffic simulator system, which can be used to simulate various situations and scenarios. According to Martins web page the reasons for developing these models include:

  • To simulate the effect of control measures like speed limits, overtaking bans for trucks, especially at uphill or downhill sections restrictions for lane changing, especially before or at merging regions, traffic flow control at on ramps
  • To simulate the effect of new infrastructure before it has been build.
  • To simulate the influence of vehicles with adaptive cruise-control systems. If an increasing percentage of vehicles has such systems, does traffic become more stable? Can the traffic flow per lane be increased?
  • Finally one can even simulate different or new traffic rules. For example, allowing overtaking on freeways at either side combined with a speed limit, ...

The software is worth having a look for anyone interested in traffic modelling. The nice visualisation makes it interesting just for playing around :-) The source code has been also released here.

BR, Petri

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And here's another link related to traffic modelling, this time "an amateur" point of view by Mr. William Beaty: