Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ICIIL Web pages updated

Dear All,

ICIIL web pages are now updated, the new version should be easier to navigate and includes some new features such as:

  • ICIIL blog posts on the main page
  • Link to ICIL 2008 Tel Aviv Proceedings page

Creating a clear link to our blog site should give a more dynamic view what's going on. The link on ICIL 2008 Tel Aviv proceedings should show what our community is researching. We hope that these changes will generate some new traffic on the site and attract more people to join future ICIL conferences.

Some materials on the previous version related to past ICIL conferences have not been added yet. I think we need to build another section for these. Organisating of ICIL conferences has been the most important ICIIL activity. All feedback and comments on update are welcome.

Best regards, Petri

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