Monday, March 10, 2008

ICIL 2008 started today in Tel Aviv, Israel

ICIL 2008 started today in conjunction with the Israel local Industrial and Engineering Management conference. Both events are organized by the Prof. Ehud Menipaz's team at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. The theme of the ICIL this year is Logistics in a flat world: strategy, management and operations. This meeting provides an unique opportunity to ICIIL community to meet leading Israeli researchers and practitioners.

  • Keynote presentation – "Competitive Electricity Markets: managing the Most Challenign Supply Chain". Prof. Shmuel S. Oren from University of California at Berkeley presented very interesting optimization application on electricity markets. According to Prof. Oren, electricity networks starting from production (generation), transportation, distribution and consumption can be considered as a very complex and highly dynamic supply chain. As markets open all around the world and new aspects on eco-efficiency are becoming decision-making parameters, the applications demonstrated by Prof Oren will become very topic.
  • Supply Chain Management sessions included several fresh ideas. Here's some highlights that made me think:
    • Dr Cohen fromThe Open University Israel demonstrated a cross-docking decision making tool for distribution centers. These practices has been used at PACE company, later acquired by FedEx.
    • Drs Attender and Gerschberger from University of Applied Sciences, Austria talked about build-up curves (cost, time) – a method for mapping the value added at each stage of supply chain.
    • Dr Sher from Israel Police Headqurter demonstrated an interesting GIS application – how intercity police vehicles can be located to roads by using linear optimization techniques.
    • Dr Finger (Ira Center of Business, Technology and Society at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) discussed on global company structures – how headquarters and regional headquarters are located on the map. Based on literature and data collection he proposed a taxonomy model and TOP 10 reasons for mutlinational company HQ location (#1 political environment #2 safety...)
    • Dr Wasser of ProcessGene Ltd. described a metholodogy to implement ERP in multinational companies. It seems that there are some possibilities between implementing single global ERP installation and multiple local ERP systems.
    • Ms Tammela (COPPE/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) presented some interesing insights on Bralizilian logistics infrastructure. It seems that current road, rail and seaport infrastructure restrict growth of the economy according to some estimates 2%. This difference in GDP is equal to the total GDP of some smaller countries.
    • Dr Schmidt of BMW compared Toyota Production System TPS vs. Value Oriented Design System VDS (at BMW). He claimed that during the last years the key driver has been extending variety of products, which really affects the production systems as well. In VDS the key issues are cooperative production,m product develeopment and sales: this approach pays attention on interactions between sales, R&D, manufacturing and suppliers.

Full papers on these and other presentations are available on the ICIL 2008 proceeding book.

From Tel Aviv, Petri

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