Thursday, February 21, 2008

Defining performance indicators for industrial and logistic cross-enterprise processes

Session : "Defining performance indicators for industrial and logistic cross-enterprise processes".  14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCURRENT ENTERPRISING - Lisbon – Portugal, 23-25 June 2008 : A new wave of innovation in Collaborative Networks"

  Call for Papers 

Some axes of reflection and research proposed:

        What is the scope of performance indicators: A pure business scope? An IS scope? An IT scope? All of them?

        Which are the semantic levels for defining performance indicators: Concerns level? Benefits level? Objectives level? Requirements level? Process specifications level? 

        Which methods we have for defining performance indicators for industrial and logistic cross-enterprise processes: Is a business-functional ontology mandatory? Is a sector-ontology mandatory? Is a concern-specific ontology mandatory for performance indicators?

        What is the gap to a complete definition: Is the semantic approach completely satisfactory? Why an ontological model finally remains unsaturated? What do we lose when trying to translate a modelling formalism into another? What is the nature of this lost: syntactical, semantic, axiological, social, human, contextual? How to identify these inexplicit contents, how to explicit and formalize them?

        How can we capture and quantify performance indicators for industrial and logistic cross-enterprise process: ideas, methods, techniques (ex. RFID), tools, researches.      

        Innovation exploratory fields: free for theoretical and empirical experimentations.

To propose a paper for this session, please contact:
Dana SHISHMANIAN, Managing Enterprise Architect, France  or +33 6 6163 1089

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