Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mass-customization and supply chain management

The concept of mass customization is about producing extensive variety of products and still taking benefit from economy of scale - the mass production. In a way mass-customization is an oxymoron: achieving high product mix and low cost simultaneously are typically controversial objectives. Since Stanley Davis introduced this concept 1987 in his futurist book "Future perfect", many people in industry and academia have tried to solve the problem.

Make-to-order systems combined with Internet based configuration systems are typical solutions from supply chain management side.

My colleague and friend Roger Jianxin Jiao (who also co-authored Tseng, M.M. & Jiao, J. 2001, Mass Customization, in: Handbook of Industrial Engineering, Technology and Operation Management 3rd ed.), from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore posted me this interesting link on web based mass-customization tools:

This is a massive database containing links to more than 500 web configurators. The link collection is maintained by Vienna based and it includes all types of configurators from vehicles to clothes and everything between.

If you became more interested in this topic, you sould also check out Frank Pillers site and blog on MC:

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