Thursday, July 26, 2007

CATER - a project on mass-customization and supply-demand networks

CATER (Computerized Automotive Technology Reconfiguration System for Mass Customization) is EU funded research project started in September 2006 by European and Asian key players in the automotive field. The industrial partners include Volvo and Fiat.

The CATER initiative aims at reaching an integrated system for mass customisation of vehicles through the use of dedicated and innovative ICT tools in the whole automotive industry process. CATER will demonstrate the need for a semantic driven system that ties together customers and designers in a collaborative and mutually supporting endeavour. Customers must be supported in their online customization of cars; and designers need to be supported in their design activities through teardown and design history management systems. Finally, CATER-generated semantics will become a common vocabulary and platform that connects and integrates customers, designers, suppliers and related stakeholders within a supply chain management framework.

Project web page:
Overview of the conceptual model:

For interested people in automotive industry and research, CATER is organizing 1st Workshop September 11, 2007 - Nice, France. Registration is free:

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Petri Helo said...

I just got informed this event has been unfortunately postponed. Please check CATER web site for updates on this. BR, Petri