Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Towards Factory 2.0

Jyri Pötry gave an interesting presentation today at M.Sc. course on Industrial Management at University of Vaasa. The team at The North Carelia University of Applied Sciences has built an interesting manufacturing lab, which includes a manufacturing system that has been integrated into Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and ERP. The system consists of injection molding machine and several other manufacturing stages, which are controlled by MES system (shop floor control and scheduling). The MES is connected to SAP system and the total system architecture follows ISA95 standard.

According to Jyri, production planning differs from most other ERP functions: it is not a process and does not consist of transactions. The scheduling itself is cyclic in many cases. For these reasons they are using Adicom, MWare, QControl software as lower level system and SAP for the higher level transactions such as sales orders and production orders.

The TULO-lab developed in North Carelia gives some new insights how the integration should be done between automation level and highest ERP-level. This is pretty close how I see the Factory 2.0 happen.

Tulo-lab slides

ISA 95


Albert said...
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Albert said...

I think it would be better to link directly to http://www.isa.org as www.isa-95.com is in fact an commercial entity (providing training etc in Europe).

Otherwise nice blog entry ;)

Petri Helo said...

Thanks for correcting! The link has been updated.

BR, Petri