Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SAP R/3 student book released

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) seems to be a still a hot topic for many manufacturing companies in the field of logistics information systems. The material I have been using in teaching ERP labs has been developed several years ago: we started about 1998, when SAP Finland donated a license for University of Vaasa, the materials have developed during the years in courses "Advanced Course in Production/Opeartions Management" at Vaasa, and "Information Management" at Baltic Sea Virtual Campus with Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

Now this study material "Logistics Information Management" is published by the University of Vaasa as a paper print, albeit many parts would already require updates. These notes aim to introduce a generic structure of ERP system and then guide students to work in lab to complete a whole range of SAP transactions. The lab part covers some main functionality related to SD, MM and PP modules, from production point of view. This material is very subject to heavy changes every year, but since it might be interesting to some people I decided to launch it on-line as well. So here you are: http://lipas.uwasa.fi/~phelo/SAP-book-phelo2006.pdf
Feel free to use this and give any comments and feedback.

BR, Petri

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