Saturday, December 30, 2006

FormFlow - TabletPC software for Logistics Application


I have introduced here some of logistics related software projects here on ICIIL blog and here's the latest open source from LSRG University of Vaasa: FormFlow. FormFlow is a pen based software for TabletPC's computers.

FormFlow is a toolkit for creating and using pen operated forms for people on the move. The applications could include inventory management, transportation and data collection from field. The forms are created in FormFlow Developer and the user run the applications with FormFlow Viewer. At he momement we are working with some pilots with two companies Mobida and Neviso.

FormFlow is written in C# and it is published as open source under the MIT lisense, which means that everybody is welcome to download the application for free and even use it in commercial applications. The project is maintained at SourceForge at and all feedback is welcome.

BR, Petri

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