Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Changing logistic world

When travelling in Korea some months ago, we photographed a large world map at the railway station on the borderline between North and South Koreas. The map attempted to show the possible railway logisics flows from South Korea to Europe and the Western parts of Asia, had the borders between the divided Korea been opened... but for us the map showed how far away Europe was from the Eatern Asia. No railway lines on that map anyway came even close to Finland.

Then the other day there was a TV documentary on a new warehouse being built in Finnish townlet of Kouvola. Some Chinese entrepreneurs had been of completely different opinion, and felt that because Finland is so close to China and because the gauge of the railways in Finland matches the Russian ones, Kouvola could be a good hub point logistics for Chinese industries.... Kouvola has been considered a non-important crossing in Finnish railway system already some time, but now it is one of the more important ones in a global railway system.

Time to redo all the existing models of railway logistics to reflect a new global thinking ?

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