Wednesday, July 05, 2006

RSS syndication

Dear All,

I would like to encourage you to use syndication for reading this blog. The difference is that instead of navigating to the site to check what is new you can let the agent or rss reader do this job for you. The address of rss feed for this blog is and my favorite rss reader is There are plenty of articels why to use RSS and how to read them, but in case it is new have a look at

Best regards,
Maciej Zygmunt


Petri Helo said...

A very good idea to keep updated on blogs. I use Mozilla Thunderbird (my email client) to do the same thing and the Google Desktop software also allows keeping up to date.

BR, Petri

Petri Helo said...

If you get more interested on this, heres a couple of blogs that might be worth checking (with your favourite RSS reader)

Logistica Blog -
TII Innovation Journal -
Warehousing and Distribution -

BR, Petri

Petri Helo said...

Another interesting blog related to logistics:
Inventory Management Review
by Charles Atkinson

Interesting discussions as well.

Best regards, Petri

Petri Helo said...

Blog on Log -

Anohter logistics related blog.

BR; Petri