Wednesday, June 28, 2006

International Centre for Innovation and Industrial Logistics

ICIIL is a non-profit professional association which has been developing an integrated view of Industrial Logistics and international exchanges among students, researchers, academics and industrialists, as well as promoting the field of Industrial Logistics Modelling in general. The biannual INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL LOGISTICS (ICIL) are the main means to attain these objectives worldwide.This is exactly what the conference has done, moving from France (ICIL’93), to Brazil (ICIL’95), USA (ICIL'97), Russia (ICIL’99), Okinawa (ICIL’01), Finland (ICIL’03) and Uruguay (ICIL’05) since 1993.


Prof Ralph Huntsinger said...

There was also an ICIL conference
in 1997 organized by myself, Dr Lilian Barros, and Dr Roy Crosbie in Chico, California, USA
There is a proceedings for that conference (ICIL97) also.

Marius Rimasauskas said...

Dear colleagues,
there you can find some photos from
ICIL'2006 conference in Kaunas.

Petri Helo said...

Sorry, the Chico conference is now added on the posting.